Traditions and customs in Ötztal

Experience an autumn full of events in Tyrol

The Tyrolean farmers' autumn awaits you with numerous folk custom events and traditional Tyrolean festivals. The procession of cattle as they are brought down from the alps to the valley, the farmers' markets, the fairs and the harvest festivals as well as autumn festivals make for a diverse and colourful autumn around Obergurgl.

Experience Tyrolean customs from up close during various traditional festivals in Ötztal valley. Traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation are still proudly celebrated in Tyrol and contribute to the collective spirit of the local communities.

“Almabtrieb” & famers' markets in Ötztal

After a wonderfully idyllic summer on the alps cows and sheep are brought back to the stables in the valleys where the locals await them with a joyful festival. This procedure and  parade is called “Almabtrieb”. While the locals welcome the cattle that return with the farmers and dairymen, local farmers prepare homemade Tyrolean specialties and offer the delicacies at their stalls.

Enjoy the festive atmosphere in the tent with traditional Tyrolean folk music and culinary delights at the big “Almabtrieb” in Sölden. There, lived tradition and a colourful spectacle around the cattle decorated with flower wreaths and bells will await you.  

Gain an insight into Ötztal's “Almabtrieb” culture through this video.

Ötztal's traditional costumes

At the numerous folk custom events in Ötztal, locals wear their regional costume with pride. Find out more about the history of Ötztal's traditional costumes at the local open air museum in Längenfeld, which showcases a wide range of exhibits.

Modern as well as classic Ötztal Dirndl and Lederhosen are available at several costume shops in the region.

Diverse cultural programme

Autumn is great for unwinding in Ötztal. Enjoy the symbiosis of nature and culture during your excursions, for instance to the museums of local history of the Ötztal region, or to Innsbruck, where numerous cultural highlights provide insight into Tyrolean traditions.  

Find all the folk custom events coming up in Ötztal during your stay at Chalet Obergurgl in the Ötztal events calendar. The Chalet team is looking forward to your no obligation apartment enquiry and will immediately respond with an attractive offer for your autumn holiday. 


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